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Finding Strength and Courage

Be strong and courageous! God walks beside us as a fearless, faithful Friend. What is holding you back today? Click here to be encouraged!   God knows your need and hears your prayers. How does this give you hope and courage to follow God and trust Him in the face of fear?  

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“Your Story”

What part of the mysterious middle of your life story will you entrust to God today? To find out more click here.    

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Connecting with God

“. . . it is time to seek the Lord . . . until He comes, and showers His righteousness on you.” Hosea 10:12 Do you ever feel like your quiet time with God is one-sided? I sure do. Here is a typical morning for me: I wake up early, stumble out of bed and slip on my shoes for my morning workout. When I return, I grab a cup of coffee–extra hot–pick up my Bible and notebook and begin my quiet time. The thing is, I spend the bulk of my quiet time anything but “quiet.” I fiddle with my phone and surf social media. I check my email and consult my calendar. I sip my coffee, “uh oh, getting tepid…” so I run in and refill it. Sip. … Continue reading

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