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Why Should Christians Vote?

If God is ultimately in control of the world and has a specific plan for it, why should Christians even vote? Continue reading

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Finding Strength and Courage

Be strong and courageous! God walks beside us as a fearless, faithful Friend. What is holding you back today? Click here to be encouraged!   God knows your need and hears your prayers. How does this give you hope and courage to follow God and trust Him in the face of fear?  

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Steady in the Storm: In Every Season

A New Season The leaves on the Japanese Maple outside my office twitched under the falling raindrops. I pulled on a sweatshirt and peered through the mini-blinds. It sure doesn’t look like May, I thought. A thick grey veil lay across the sky threatening a full day of rain. I didn’t mind. No rush for summer to arrive. Summer meant change. And change is difficult. It makes me melancholy. Irritable. And this year, the changes are going to be big: my daughter will graduate from high school, spread her wings, and fly off on her own; my parents will be forced to swallow a higher dose of the grief that age and illness have prescribed; a friend pinned by unexpected pain will face an uncertain future; and this year all my … Continue reading

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