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Discover Your Dream Pt 2: Get Going

  Last week you took the first steps to discover your dream by considering them from God’s perspective. Did you get a chance to answer the brief questions to help uncover clues to God’s dream for you? If not, click here and scroll down, the questions are towards the end of the post. Then prepare to discover your dream and get going! 🙂 “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney I wonder how many hopes have been crushed on the steps of promises like that? I understand the intent; dream big, reach for things beyond what others or your own inner doubts tell you that you can achieve. It sounds inspiring, but it simply isn’t true. I can dream until I pop that I will be the next opera singer, but I can’t. … Continue reading

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Trusting God in Painful Places

Do you trust God? If you had asked me a week ago if I trusted God, I probably would have said, “Yes” without much hesitation. I mean God has taken me through some lengthy trust-testing trials that have demanded a lot of me and my family. No doubt about it. But recently, God challenged that ready “Yes” response. You see, it’s easy to say we trust God, until the life of a loved one is on the line. All week, I’ve been host to a painful knot in my stomach over some awful circumstances hanging over a loved one. I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough, really tough. Many mornings, I’ve awakened to wave upon wave of fear-soaked adrenaline surging through my first semi-conscious thoughts. It has been a battle to get through each day without my mind submerged in the fear, … Continue reading

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Parenting by Faith: Adolescence.

I recently stumbled on this piece and wanted to share it with you to encourage you to anchor in God’s Word and heart in your own parenting. Enjoy!   Lord, please tell me what to do!  The helpless plea swirled around the room as I knelt by the bed, the door closed and locked, my mind reeling from a brief but loaded incident with my 12-year-old son . . . My son turned twelve this week. At least I think it was my son. I say this because he is so different than he was just six months ago. He has the same hair, the same slow deliberate walk, the same eyes, but sometimes I feel like the son I know, the sweet, mild-mannered delight with the ready smile, was abducted by aliens … Continue reading

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