About Me

God first captured my heart through Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) which He used powerfully for many years before calling me out of leadership and into a speaking and writing ministry.

Since striking out on this journey, I have written articles for magazines like Focus on the Family and kyria.comChristianity Today’s online resource for women. I write devotionals, Bible studies for area churches, and dabble in fiction. I’ve been speaking and teaching throughout Northern California for over fifteen years and am the Women’s Ministry Team Leader at a rapidly growing church in California.

I’m passionate about helping women “see” God in all His beauty and to inspire them to anchor in His heart and pursue a faith journey that pulses with life, depth, and purpose. You can follow my blog bethanymacklinministries.com/blog to begin a more vibrant faith journey today.

When I don’t have a pen in my hand or a lapel mic pinned to my blouse, you can find me hanging out with my husband, our two children, and a trio of puggies, all of whom provide endless inspiration . . .

puggy trio

You can learn more at www.bethanymacklinministries.com

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