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Guest Post at Revealing the Story

This week I am privileged to guest post at Revealing the Story, a fresh blog filled with stories written by women living lives just like yours and mine. So click here to head on over and prepare to be blessed! 

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Discover Your Dream, Pt 1: Get Deep

To discover your dream, you have to get deep. If you are anything like the rest of us, you’ve probably ingested a lot of “dream” chasing content. “Follow your dreams.” “Dream big.” But perhaps pursuing your dreams and “your passion” has yielded more doubt than satisfaction. It has for me, too and here’s why . . . Take this scenario: I’m passionate about music, and in my dreams I can sing like Sarah Brightman. (Yeah, I know, but we’re talking about dreams, remember?) But no matter how much I dream, how hard I believe, no matter how many voice lessons, practices or performances, I simply don’t have Sarah’s particularly shaped vocal chords. I can barely croak out “Mary Had A Little Lamb” let alone her pitch perfect Ava Maria. That’s not low self esteem, it’s reality. Though it’s my … Continue reading

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