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You Can Finish God’s Work

There are few things as satisfying as finishing what you started.  I love design work. So I began a project to update to my blog to an improved website for the ministry work God has given me. After months of careful research, I bought a slick, premium website theme and dove in, eager to learn the ropes and put it together. Well . . . that was over a year ago. I got about a quarter of the way through the process and got distracted, time-crunched, or task-logged — I don’t know which, perhaps all three — and today my “new website” is floating in cyberspace with a “Coming Soon” banner pasted on the unfinished front page . . . Do you ever feel like you can’t finish what you started? Often I feel like a comet catapulting through space with a … Continue reading

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“Your Story”

What part of the mysterious middle of your life story will you entrust to God today? To find out more click here.    

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Embrace the Mysterious Middle of Your Life Story

 Have you ever heard the word, “inclusio”? Last week at BSF God breathed “inclusio” into my heart. Peggy, the Teaching Leader giving the lecture, gave a clear, powerful description of the word, but the Spirit had such a hold on me that I forgot to write it down. So after fishing around, the simplest definition I found to share with you is this: “An inclusio is a literary device where the writer states a theme or idea at both the beginning and end of a story. It’s intended to introduce and conclude a main point. Everything in-between is to be read with the inclusio theme in mind. When you think of inclusio, think bookends.” Ted Weis Peggy presented “inclusio” in the context of how Genesis introduces God’s theme of redemption through … Continue reading

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