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Connecting with God

“. . . it is time to seek the Lord . . . until He comes, and showers His righteousness on you.” Hosea 10:12 Do you ever feel like your quiet time with God is one-sided? I sure do. Here is a typical morning for me: I wake up early, stumble out of bed and slip on my shoes for my morning workout. When I return, I grab a cup of coffee–extra hot–pick up my Bible and notebook and begin my quiet time. The thing is, I spend the bulk of my quiet time anything but “quiet.” I fiddle with my phone and surf social media. I check my email and consult my calendar. I sip my coffee, “uh oh, getting tepid…” so I run in and refill it. Sip. … Continue reading

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Grace Steps Into Unexpected Places

God is so unexpected. Today as I read through the Old Testament book of Hosea I came to this beautiful verse: “Therefore I will allure her, bring her into the wilderness, and speak kindly to her…” Hosea 2:14 (Emphasis mine) The word “therefore” blows my mind because of what came immediately before this passage: Betrayal, Adultery, idolatry, a long string of “lovers,” a cascade of consequences. Then, suddenly, inexplicably, Grace steps in. Grace. God’s favor bestowed on sinners who deserve wrath.¹ Man’s sin and God’s grace. What a contrast. “Therefore” I will woo, speak to her heart, bring her out into a free place free from her past entanglements, all in order to draw her to myself, all the way into my bosom, into my heart to betroth her to me forever.² There I will give her her … Continue reading

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