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Conviction: The Call of the Spirit

Last week I shared 15th century martyr Maeyken Wens’ inspiring story and the Holy Spirit’s press of conviction when I considered my faith in light of her courageous cross-centered example. This week, the Spirit’s flame lights the page to lead us deeper into the cross centered life and the power that accompanies it. If we allow Him. I don’t enjoy being convicted about my faith, but I can be coaxed to consider its lack — on my terms, in a climate controlled environment where I control the heat. But that is shallow living, a superficial faith that doesn’t even flicker with the Spirit’s fire. Recently at a women’s lunch, Cindy shared a long series of issues she’d been struggling with. The group had heard her story before. After some empathetic murmurs, women began to fiddle with their napkins. … Continue reading

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To Follow Jesus

  What will you do to follow Jesus?

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How Fit Is Your Faith?

Have you ever read a story that changed your life? I recently read the story of a woman named Maeyken Wens from the 15th century who was martyred for her faith in Christ. She faithfully proclaimed the saving message of Christ instead of caving to the self serving religion of the day. In response, her persecutors bolted her mouth shut before they burned her at the stake. After reading her story, conviction about my puny brand of faith lay heavy upon me. As I contemplated the awful, yet inspiring story, I couldn’t get past this fact: They had to bolt her mouth shut to keep her silent about God’s message — even as she beheld the funeral pyre prepared for her. How often God has to pry my mouth open to share what He wants me … Continue reading

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