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Beautiful Design Part 2

Are you “beautiful” or “average”? According to Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” campaign, when faced with the choice of walking through a door labeled, “Beautiful” or a door labeled “Average,” most women chose “average. (Please click the picture to watch the 3 minute video). How many of us would say, “I’m beautiful” and believe it? We’ve all heard it, “we are all beautiful in our own way.” And we have no problem with that statement — until we’re challenged to apply it to ourselves. Last week we looked at “beauty” through a different lens. (You can click this link to read part 1.) This week we’re going to get personal and apply that perspective to how we view ourselves. How do you measure beauty? In our quest to cultivate an affirming environment we sometimes get high-centered on “inner beauty.” But that’s not entirely healthy … Continue reading

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Beautiful Design Part 1 of 2

One does not see anything until one sees its beauty.” Oscar Wilde There’s nothing like being forced to make a public choice about a sensitive subject, but that’s what women faced in the recent Dove campaign, “Choose Beautiful.” As women approached the entrance to a public building, they were faced with the choice of which door to walk through — and which label to apply to themselves, “beautiful” or “average.” Which door would you walk through? Upon what would your choice be based? How you see yourself? How you think others see you? Each of us would choose a door based on: 1) What we believe about beauty 2) What we believe about ourselves   Let’s start with what we believe about beauty. How would you define beauty?  Is it really “in the eye of the beholder”? … Continue reading

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