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Wake up Call

I just returned from Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference energized after a hard re-set with my writing. It was a wake up call to re-engage my heart. It was a chance to accept God’s invitation to dig deep and reignite my passion for writing words that paint a portrait of our great God. During  the conference, God provided a chance for me to look into His face and find the deeper, truer meaning for my life. God provides opportunities to look into His face and find the deeper, truer meaning for our life. Click To Tweet While At Mount Hermon, I wrote an article in my Major Morning Track workshop–even as I lay splayed on God’s operating table, monitors beeping as He leaned over me with needle and sutures… The article is what you’d expect in such a case; raw and tender to the touch. Still healing. But (unbelievably … Continue reading

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