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Stubbornness or Stupidity?

I am out of commission for a week or so due to a bout of stubbornness (or was it stupidity?) over Labor Day weekend. Here’s the story: My son had finally worked it out for three of his college buddies to spend the weekend with us at our home. My husband, Mike, and I had crammed our pantry full of food and had made plans to take them on a day hike in the Tahoe wilderness. That Saturday, amidst the happy chatter of our son and his friends, I stood in the kitchen and quickly piled sandwiches into a backpack for the hike. Preparing to leave had taken longer than expected and everyone was anxious to get on the road. We checked the ice chests, day packs, protein snacks, and the water bottles before heading … Continue reading

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Fear You Can Trust

There is so much fear on the news, in the air. Here’s a re-post on a type of fear that can bring peace to our hearts. There is only one person to fear in this world. God alone is to be feared. “You alone are to be feared. Who can stand before you when you are angry? From heaven you pronounced judgment, and the land feared and was quiet.” Psalm 76:7-8 And this type of fear is good for you. What does “fearing” God mean?  “To fear God is to respect and revere Him.” Sunday school 101. But that’s the easy answer. “Revere.” “Respect.” Those are worn out words. Almost meaningless in today’s adjective-slinging, vocab-bling-bling culture. Words as comfortable as last year’s slippers–with about as much dignity attached. Our familiar approach to … Continue reading

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