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Experiencing More of God’s Power

Despite my best efforts, life’s been getting away from me. My husband described it best: “You spend your time playing catch up, staying up late, waking up tired, then going through the day sliding sideways . . . “ It’s true. I’m working hard, but can’t gain any traction. Even with a regular quiet time, I spend too many days ruled by the tyranny of the urgent. I’m engaged in God’s work, but fighting to stay in the ring and finish the work. So I’ve taken a hard look at my calendar, cut and cleared my schedule, and still– –I feel like I’m running behind the bus.   And I hate that feeling. So I started getting up earlier to plan my day around what God—and only God—has called me to do. But I still feel harried. Powerless. Something’s still off, still missing. Sitting out … Continue reading

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God Will Use Your Story

Your Story Matters
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3 Steps to Finding God’s Call

“David . . . fulfilled God’s purpose in his own generation.” (Acts 13)   Do you want to know God’s call for your life? God called David to lead Israel as its king. God called David to a specific mission at a particular time in history–and he fulfilled it. But today, many of us misunderstand what “fulfilling God’s call” means. When we envision God’s “call,” we picture Billy Graham booming from a podium in a packed stadium; Mother Theresa ministering among the poverty-stricken masses in Calcutta; Joan of Arc liberating France. Surely that’s not that kind of “call” God has for us? Probably not. (If it is, odds are you know your call already!) But how can we know what our purpose in our generation is? What does our “call” look like? As Christians, we … Continue reading

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