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Don’t Ditch Your Dream: The Rest of the Story

The roar from the TV filled the room as my husband and son sat glued to the football game on the screen. “Aw, come on!” my husband smacked his leg. “Can you believe this? They need to get rid of that guy!” I slid the Thanksgiving turkey into the oven then stood and watched the instant replay of the ill-fated run for the first down. Untying my apron, I turned to my daughter, “What are you up to, sweetie?” She smiled as she mosied past in her pj’s, a plate of snacks in hand. “Nothing, just hangin’ out . . . ” She popped her earbuds in and made her way to her room humming a Disney tune. I surveyed the scene for a moment, then slipped into the dining room, pushed … Continue reading

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