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Give Thanks And Get Ready

This is a re-post that I hope will encourage us to live fully in the present with thankful hearts. ūüôā     When Jesus returns, we all want to be found faithful in our walk with God,¬†faithful in doing His work. No matter the season of year or situation of life. One way to accomplish this is to implement Elisabeth Elliot‘s advice, “Wherever you are, be all there.” That means living wholly invested in each day–each moment. Planning for the future, but living fully in the present. Therefore, today I’m practicing faithfulness by being thankful for the life God has given me on this day. Right now. In the midst of a financial crisis, in the throes of losing our home. So today I’m thankful I can look out and … Continue reading

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Don’t Ditch Your Dream

What is crazier than trying to achieve a dream in 30 days? Fasting while you do. Since issuing my¬†30 day “Dare to Dream” challenge, a lot has happened. I wonder if it has for you, too. Seeing how my dream (a devotional on God’s heart) is holy ground, I decided to approach it with an extra measure of consecration. ¬†And since I couldn’t remove my shoes to honor this holy ground, (remember I’m wearing a medical boot, compliments of my pernicious pug), I began a fast. Since the first day of this journey, I’ve been fasting from all “artificial stimulants.” That means no energy drinks, supplements, or caffeine, which means no coffee. Coffee! You’d have to know me to realize what a killer that is. Nevertheless, God called me to … Continue reading

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Make Weakness Work for You

Excitement filled me as I organized my office to begin a new writing project for NaNoWriMo.¬†Thank you, Lord!¬†I had waited a long time to begin this project. As I hobbled between the desk and the bookcase,¬†the medical boot I wore thumped with each half-step.¬†Thump . . . thump . . . I made my way around to the file cabinet, thump . . . thump, thump, I¬†knelt, my booted leg splayed at an awkward angle and my hip cramped as I retrieved some files from the bottom drawer. I struggled back to my feet, rubbing my hip then¬†thump, thump,¬†back over to the desk, the boot turning every step into an arduous trek. I dropped the files onto my desk and collapsed into my office chair, the fingers of a migraine … Continue reading

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