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How to be a Better Friend

I climbed into my car after meeting with a friend, my heart a jagged, gaping wound. Everything I thought I knew about friendship collapsed. In the weeks since, God has been, bit by bit, stitching the gash closed. And with each pierce of the needle and draw of the thread, I’m learning–perhaps for the first time–the true meaning of friendship.  ******** A true friend — is someone with whom we can be transparent–and know at the end of the day they’ll still love us. doesn’t shed us like an old coat. doesn’t toss us aside when the flavor they’ve been chewing on gets old, worn out. never gives up on us, gets tired of us, turns away or pulls away. A true friend is someone who thinks we’re worth the effort. … Continue reading

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It’s Ok to Be You

Recently, I attended a conference and these four words changed my life: “Be who you are.” Be who you are–not who you “should” be, not who others want you to be, but who you are at the soul level. Right Now. It’s tough to trust that call, to muster the guts to live it out. But today, I’m committed to try. Today, courageous faith is . . . being me. Courageous faith is trusting God’s plan, trusting His handprint for my personality, my soul, my oddities. At times, I admit I’m embarrassed by a personality that labels me a misfit, ashamed when others see its neediness, resentful when it excludes me from social circles, when it doesn’t fit the flavor of the week. So I stuff the “unwelcome” parts of myself, … Continue reading

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I’m Taking the Plunge

Remember last week’s post, Risky Faith? Well, today I’m standing on the edge of a cliff of sorts, and I’m taking the plunge.   And I need to tell you about it because it affects you. Here goes: God is leading me to approach my writing very differently than I have so far. He’s calling me to abandon any idea of trying writing for profit (as if “writing” and “profit” weren’t already oxymorons!) He’s called me to give up on trying to “brand” myself, to quit trying to “please an audience.” I’ve even quit writing “for ministry,” to try to “meet a need.” I’ve abandoned “trying” and embraced “trusting.”  I’m writing simply because I must. Not from some inner compulsion to “express myself,” or even to “get words on paper,” … Continue reading

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