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4 Steps to Discovering God’s Will

This is a repost that I pray helps us begin this new season on the right track. Sometimes don’t you wish God’s voice would boom from a burning bush to tell you exactly what to do when you need direction? Or maybe if He would just lower a scroll with His plans for our life spelled out in bullet points . . . Well, there’s good news: God still speaks. He cares about you and the choices you face. And He wants you to know His will. God wants you to know His will because He wants you to know Him. God wants you to know His will because He wants you to know Him. Click To Tweet  God is personal, intimate. He pulls us close so we can know Him. He calls us to obey His … Continue reading

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Finding God’s Will: The Path of No Regrets

  Have you ever wondered if you have made the right decision?   Recently, my son, Hayden, had to make a decision about which college to attend. He’d been accepted into both of his choices and either school was a solid win. As he considered both colleges, Hayden wanted to attend the one God had planned for him. One school seemed the logical choice: more affordable, closer to home, and in a beautiful location. The other school had already bestowed several prestigious honors on Hayden, but was very expensive. However, my husband and I have taught our kids to expect great things from a powerful God and so both schools were in the running. And they were neck and neck. Hayden sought hard for God’s will in the matter. He talked to me and his dad, … Continue reading

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Trusting God For The Big Stuff

Have you ever wanted something so bad you would do almost anything to get it? My son is a high school senior this year and he’s slated for college–a really good one. He has labored throughout high school in order to attend a premier university in Arizona. Over a year ago our family suffered a hard financial hit that left us unable to help him with his college costs, but I wasn’t about to allow our family’s financial setback to ruin his chances. He’d been applying like crazy for scholarships and everything seemed to be moving along as he recieved a Presidential Scholarship from the university and an invitation into their Honors Program. Then, several weeks later we received a letter detailing the financial aid he could expect and–crash!–our hopes crumbled … Continue reading

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