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The Power Of Giving Thanks

Reviving thankfulness amidst Christmas shopping and crowded malls. Continue reading

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Part 4: Doubt In The Face Of God’s Silence

  Silence. Unanswered prayer. Disappointed hope. The anguish of a wrestling with One whose hand we cannot force. When we cry for relief–and God’s silence is deafening. How fitting that I should be writing about this when my husband has been out of work for quite some time, despite prolonged prayer. When we’ve pounded every door, overturned every rock, exhausted every option, and chased every rabbit–all the way down the hole. But amidst it all, I have to ask, is God ever really silent? Let’s consider some examples from Scripture: There were 400 years of “silence” as the Israelites labored under bondage in Egypt…while God multiplied His people in preparation for the nation they would become. There were centuries of “silence” following the death of the last Old Testament prophet…while God paved the … Continue reading

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