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Pain. “Pitiless. Autocrat. Inconvenient. Nemesis…” These were my thoughts one morning as I sat hunched, my body held hostage by the pain of an ongoing illness. Having been led (sometimes dragged) light years beyond the debilitating point of view, “Why this? Why me?” I slid my Bible down onto my knees and opened it. Expecting relief on some level at least, I turned to the Psalms I’d been working through and struggled to focus. “Psalm 34…” I picked up my journal and pen. But I didn’t even make it past the first verse: “I will extol the LORD at all times…” My pen hovered. Stalled. Now, I well know there is always a bounty of things for which to praise God. I have made the delightful discovery too many times to doubt it. Even at … Continue reading

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