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Change of Season: Change of Heart

For many, autumn ushers in a time of thanksgiving. For me, however, it initiated a time of personal transformation. After a miserable, sleepless night, I was in need of some serious coffee. As I staggered down the hall and into the kitchen, I noticed my husband hunched at the table, fruitlessly seeking the cooperation of his indifferent computer. I shuffled past him, ignoring his intermittent outbursts of frustration, and lifted the lid of the coffee canister. Empty. The grim sight of the barren canister banished any vestige of optimism or grace that survived the night’s ordeal and I slammed the lid shut. “No…way!” My husband jerked his head around and stared at me. A testy exchange followed spurring me to stalk out the door in my robe and slippers headed for Starbucks–resentful repartees flying as the … Continue reading

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Honor a Veteran Today

Somebody’s precious father, mother, son, daughter, spouse, and/or friend sacrificed their life so I could enjoy my father, laugh with my mother, take my son to play football, admire my daughter’s beauty, hug my spouse and have coffee with my friend.  Take time to honor a Veteran today.

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God’s Silence

In the face of God’s silence, His faithful character is a sure support.

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